Ascension with the Masters - Live class with Phyllis

Ascension with the Masters - Live class with Phyllis

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When we become aware of our soul and the journey we are taking, we are at the start of our ascension into spiritual awareness.

This journey can take many forms and for most we start to unravel events and people in our lives to see who we have become because of that event. Growing in our own awareness is liberating, it helps us become self-reliant, self-aware and confident in trusting our intuition.

Join me and explore your journey, who you are as a soul and your connection to your soul family. Explore the spiritual consciousness we call the Ascended Masters and see what guidance they have to help you along your ascension pathway.

Over the 10-week Webinar classes, we will open ourselves to soul healing, understanding and expansion through mediation, exercises and tuition on what the ascension process is.

Starting on the 4th June, we will cover a varied number of soul aspects over the 10-week period.


Date -          4th June 2019 

Course fee -  $199, includes access to web classes with Phyllis full course material in the online class, bonus videos, exercises and meditations.