‘Create your Life’ Mindfulness Live

‘Create your Life’ Mindfulness Live

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Imagine you had the ability to create the world of your absolute dreams around you. According to the law of attraction (also known as "manifestation"), you are completely capable of making whatever you want, appear in your life. Not only do you have to believe it's possible, you have to feel it’s possible.

Though turning your dreams into reality through manifestation is possible, not many people know where to start. Manifestation, on the surface, can seem like a magical and mystical concept that is far out of your reach, but you can achieve what you want.

There is a secret and you will discover yours over the course of 4 weeks on the Create your Life Mindfulness Live class.


Come and find yourself with this empowering workshop and sessions and with people of like minded energy, who are tapping into their inner secret.

What will you do?


Learn about thought – evolve negative to neutral or positive

Get in touch with your core and how and why you feel the way you do about specific topics: relationships, childhood, health, money, profession, your life story to date.

Enjoy Meditation & Self-analysis about who are you, why do you respond the way you respond, why are you your hardest judge

Practical Sessions such as:

  • Theory
  • Science
  • Strategy

Don’t put off doing something for you. Time to connect with you. Time to find you. Time to love you. Time to value you!


This is a 4 week, online live class hosted by Phyllis Brown

Starts Tuesday the 5th of November at 8pm NZ time for 4 weeks.